Ultrasound Gesture Controls by Qualcomm at UpLinq China 2011

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12 Dec, 2011 9:00 pm


Qualcomm is always innovating and they’ve got a demo of something we’re not sure will take off, but regardless we think it’s pretty cool. Imagine controlling your smartphone with gestures via the use of ultrasound sensors. The technology uses four microphones positioned around the handset to figure out the hands positioning and movement. This means you don’t have to actually touch the screen and you’ll be free to wheel your way through the image carousel just by waving your hand near the device.

This is great news for those who loathe getting smudges and greasy finger prints on their touchscreen. Qualcomm indicated that the new gesture control could find its way into smartphones and tablets by the end of 2012, and that it will be embedded into the company’s future chips.

The draw back is that if its super noisy it doesn’t work as well, plus there is additional cost of the 3 extra microphones. Cool concept but we’re not sure if its going to catch on.

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