Motorola Wins Patent Infringement Case Against Apple in Germany

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10 Dec, 2011 7:50 am

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The litigation in the mobile space continues. For this round, Motorola has won a favorable ruling in their patent infringement case against Apple in Germany. Motorola claimed that Apple is infringing on a patent of theirs concerning data packet transfer protocol.

Of course, Apple will be appealing the decision. However, Motorola has a choice to enforce an immediate ban on sales of iOS devices in Germany, or wait until the appeal from Apple has taken its course. Motorola would have to provide a $134 million bond if they choose to enforce the immediate sales ban in case Apple wins its appeal.

If Apple loses its appeal, they will have to either pay a huge licensing fee to Motorola for the supposed infringed patents, or change their devices to work around the patented technology. Since the patents in question seem like standard procedure in handling packet data transfer, it could be rather costly and difficult to find an alternate solution.

We’ll have to see how the next round between Motorola and Apple plays out. For now it seems like Apple’s legal team hasn’t had a great week.

Via Droid Life

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  • Anonymous

    Soon there will be no tablets on the market. Really all these patents should just cancel each other out.