ASUS Launches an Eee Branded Intel AppUp! Store

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7 Jun, 2010 9:30 am


Netbook News has been keeping a close eye on Intel’s AppUp since after all it is an App store is focused on Netbooks. Last week there was a significant announcement made by ASUS that they would be supporting Intel’s AppUp, which means that it will be coming pre-installed on all ASUS Netbooks. OEMs have been looking for a way to recoup some of the costs for delivering such low cost devices and we don’t blame them, one returned netbook can kill the profit for the sale of 10! ASUS has always show innovation and forward thinking so we aren’t surprised that they are the first to adopt this App Store for Netbooks.

We are however, very curious to see how this partnership develops since at the Atom Developer Summit Ellis Wang made a presentation touching on ASUS.ACCESS, their own suit of services, and how ASUS was going to support AppUp! ASUS has no intention of walking away from its pre-existing services which include Westorage, Boingo, Anti-virus, Vibe (Multimedia), Gamepark and and Application Bank. All ASUS devices come integrated with a drop down menu that presents this suite as integrated services. Will AppUp! simply get added into the drop down bar of ASUS ACCESS or will be become another desktop thumbnail of pre-installed bloatware. After the T91 we do feel like ASUS has learned its lesson for over loading devices with bloatware to the point of compromising performance. Time will only tell if ASUS makes this integration of their existing services and AppUp in a way that won’t hinder performance.

There is no word on how ASUS will be moving forward on integrating AppUp with their services, but as the first OEM to make this commitment we certainly are interested in seeing what steps are taken.

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