Top Android Contact Management Apps

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8 Dec, 2011 6:33 pm


If you’ve got an Android phone, then you’ll know that stock Android’s contact manager aka your list of contacts, doesn’t provide the best experience. Its an important feature to pay attention to as well because it ties into the phone functionality. Shen over at XDA Developer Forum has put together a list of newer contact management apps that turn your contact list into an easy window for social networking with your friends and family.

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The contact managment apps that you should consider trying out are:
Go Contacts EX
Google Contact Sync (PC only)

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  • darkbulb

    Rather horrible app selections. I miss applications like AContacts and Full Screen Caller ID – both are apps that should be given some serious considerations.

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  • Jon Garrett

    I tried full screen caller ID and it was horrible. even high res photos were stretched out and blurred. its a shame though cause that was a feature I like on my iPhone 4. it would be nice if we can have the option for larger size caller ID on ICS.

  • Xkoiul

    Personally I use MobiKin Assistant for Android to manage contact.