Toshiba Excite Honeycomb Tablet Coming to Canada, February 2012

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8 Dec, 2011 8:30 am


Toshiba’s been quiet lately with Android tablet news. After seeing an announcement of the Toshiba AT200, aka Toshiba Excite, aka Toshiba Regza AT700 at CEATEC back in October, we haven’t really seen much news about it since. But now there is some news out of Canada announcing a possible release date for the Toshiba Excite in February next year.

Toshiba Canada’s site has a listing for the Excite and its release date is marked January 2012 as seen in the photo above. However, Canadian tech site MobileSyrup claims to have confirmation that the actual release date will be in February. Whenever the real release date is, there isn’t any information about pricing yet. The Toshiba Canada site has a “Buy Now” button, but all it does is bring you to a page with a number to call Toshiba Canada to order the tablet.

Back when the 10.1″ Honeycomb tablet was announced, Toshiba claimed it was the thinnest, lightest Android tablet in the world. You’d think that with the arrival of the ASUS Transformer Prime, these claims would be nullified, but actually, they’re still true. The Transformer Prime is 7.87mm thick, and 586g heavy. The Excite/AT200 is 7.7mm thick, and 558g heavy according to the information Toshiba provided. Pretty impressive, given how fast Android tablet hardware is being released.

Via Unwired View

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