Curious iOS and Android Users Can Demo Windows Phone On Their Devices

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30 Nov, 2011 6:15 am


Microsoft has put together a nice little web app to demo Windows Phone in either an iOS or Android browser.

If you go to this link using your iOS/Android device, you can play around with the Windows Phone interface and step through some of the apps and overall UI.

Not everything is accessible, of course. In some parts of the demo, it shows a blue dot that you either tap or swipe to step through a pre-recorded tutorial, like linking e-mail inboxes together in the Outlook app, or sending a group text to your family via the People Hub.


It’s a pretty interesting little demo because the web app shows off the same animations you’d expect when scrolling around in the UI on a real Windows Phone. The Live Tiles are animated, but they don’t show actual live info, obviously. But you can get a little bit of a sense of what the Windows Phone UI is like, at least. It’s a pretty ingenious way of using a web app to demo a product.

If you go through one of the pre-recorded parts, you’ll eventually reach an end screen for the demo. There’s a link at the bottom to answer some quick survey questions which, upon completion, enters you to win a free Windows Phone.

All in all, a nice way to check out Windows Phone a little bit without actually having to go to a store. Of course if you’re serious about getting a Windows Phone, you should check out the hardware in person, but if you’re just a tiny bit curious, this is a fun and easy way to get your feet wet.

Via GottaBeMobile

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