Canoe Lake 14mm Reference Design Hands on While Turned On

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3 Jun, 2010 8:50 am


Intel Unveiled their new ‘Canoe Lake’ platform for netbooks which allows devices to measure in at 14mm thick and be able to play 720p. We have already done our first hands on video, but we got to play around with it again and this time it was turned on. We got to see the windows rating, we can’t tell you the number, but we think you’ll be pleased. What you will get to see is the cores and how they perform when opening a few different tasks. A closer look at the Canoe Lake specifications Intel Atom N550, 2GB RAM, 120GB HDD and Windows 7 Ultimate. We are guessing a 44Whr battery right now.

The ‘Canoe Lake’ platform was earlier reported to support both single and dual core Atom processors from Intel. A GMA 3150 Graphics Unit was reported to be on board, in a chat afterwards we were also told that it wasn’t an SSD, so it must be a 1.8 inch HDD, we think for how thin it is, it should have an SSD.

If you listen closely what you are hearing from us is a huge sigh of relief that there is once again innovation in the netbook market. If we had to keep on reporting on netbooks that merely exchanged the N280 for the N450, we wouldn’t have been able to keep a smile on our face. That this is around the corner should silence all those standing on their soapbox talking about the death of netbooks.

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