Galaxy Nexus “Volume Bug” Acknowledged, Software Fix On the Way

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24 Nov, 2011 4:30 am


As reported before, it seems that the UK version of the Galaxy Nexus has what is now dubbed, a “volume bug” where interference from a nearby 2G, 900 MHz network signal would cause the phone to automatically lower the volume. Many thought that it was a hardware issue that could possibly require Samsung to recall several Galaxy Nexus phones as a result. However, today Samsung and Google have acknowledged that the issue exists, and that a software fix is forthcoming.

Apparently, the software fix entails increasing “debounce time” for the volume rocker. As with any electronics hardware, button presses can be affected by surrounding noise from various external sources. It’s very difficult to shield electronics from all noise. So firmware developers put in a debounce timer that indicates to a device that a button was really pressed, as opposed to the temporary occurrence of an interfering signal “faking” a button press. Since transient noise happens for 1 to 40 ms, as opposed to a user pressing a button for 100 to 200 ms, increasing the debounce timer will hopefully make the “volume bug” disappear for good.

If you want to see the full technical explanation, you can check out Dan Morrill’s post on Google+, resharing Lee Johnston’s original explanation. Or see Lee Johnston’s comment at Android Central.

Via Android Central

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