Excess Android Tablet Inventory Expected at Christmas, Lookout for Deals!

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21 Nov, 2011 11:15 pm


We’ve een saying it for a while now, that the uptake on tablets doesn’t equal the inventory being produced over here in Taiwan.  It seems that some of those in the supply chain agree with us.  If we look at numbers the global inventory of Android tablets has been sitting at around 3-4 million units according to estimates by IDC.  This has been in part for higher then expected sales, however, the Amazon Kindle Fire & the B&N NOOK Tablet have obviously caused a bit of a riff in the tablet ecosystem and we are set to notice this over abundance of tablets around Christmas.

This price reduction on Android tablets is going to be in full swing in the new year and is going to be futhered by the looming presence of Windows 8 tablets towards the end of the year.  In the third quarter of 2012 we’re going to be seeing a shift to the new operating system which will come with a shift in market positioning for this tablet.  This is leave some Android tablets in a loosing position to this enterprise and business oriented tablet.  Plus you should never under estimate the brand name of Windows with the general consumer.

Via Digitimes

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