Siri Headed to Android?

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20 Nov, 2011 8:13 pm

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News about Siri being ported onto the iPhone 4 or other Apple products has been a constantly updating story, but hearing that Siri might be headed to Android got my attention.  It has been uncovered that Siri does most of its processing server-side and new research from French developer Applidium reveals it might be possible to get Siri up and running on Android.

What they’ve managed reveal is the entire process used for communications between the iPhone 4S and Apple’s servers. In doing so, they discovered that the only thing keeping Siri from running on Android (or just about anything with a microphone and an internet connection) was a single line of code.

So what is stopping from from putting in that line of code and getting Siri up and running on your handset?  Well, that line of code contains a information that unique to individual iPhone 4S and there’s no way to replicate it.  If you did you’d have to get a bunch of iPhone identifiers and figure out how to get around Apple’s security, not impossible but very improbable.

For a more detailed explanation of how they did it and a look at the code, head on over to Applidium’s own blog.

Via Gizmodo & Ars Technica

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  • Jon Garrett


    babe, check your grammar. there are quite a few mistakes in your paragraph.

    “What they’ve managed reveal”    “TO”

    “So what is stopping from from putting”   “THEM”

    “contains a information that unique to individual”   no “A”     “IS”