Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 Redesigned, Relaunched in Germany as 10.1N

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17 Nov, 2011 6:01 am

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Samsung has redesigned their Galaxy Tab 10.1 to work around the supposed infringement of Apple’s community design for their tablets and has relaunched in Germany under a slightly different model name: Galaxy Tab 10.1N.

As seen below in a comparison photo from, there is a different bezel design that wraps more around the sides to the front on the 10.1N (the tablet at the top):

The difference is slight, but could be enough to keep Apple’s legal team at bay and allow sales of the 10.1N to continue in Germany (personally, I think the 10.1N looks a little better with the new bezel anyway). However, it’s not a sure thing that Samsung is out of the woods with Apple in Germany. Apple could still choose to argue that the redesign isn’t different enough. We’ll keep an eye on things as the situation unfolds.

Currently one online retailer in Germany,, is carrying the Galaxy Tab 10.1N for €549.00. So if you’re in Germany and pining for a Galaxy Tab 10.1N, better buy now while you can!

Via Boy Genius Report, FOSS Patents

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  • Anonymous

    Given that Samsung insist on their mangled PDMI port rather then providing a proper USB port, i’ll pass. Now where did that Toshiba go…