Intel Capital Establishes $100M AppUp Fund to Spur HTML5 Development, Ultrabooks

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16 Nov, 2011 6:40 am


Today Intel Capital announced a $100M USD AppUp fund to encourage companies to develop mobile services and apps for mobile devices utilizing Intel architecture — phones, tablets, and Ultrabooks. Intel Capital’s president, Arvind Sodhani, mentioned that by 2015, they expect 15 billion connected devices to be in use, creating a huge opportunity for companies to target these devices via the AppUp store.

Intel’s AppUp store provides users with an easy way to find apps and services on their Windows (and soon Android) devices to get things done. They are focusing on giving the user a curated experience to help the user hone in on the apps that matter to him, rather than leaving him to sort through thousands of apps himself.

AppUp is cross-platform, not just across Windows and Android, but also can be federated with iOS. Intel is really pushing HTML5 to make distributing cross-platform as easy as possible for developers. In this way, developers can distribute apps for both mobile phones and tablets as well as notebooks and Ultrabooks all in one place.

Intel Capital is establishing this $100M USD fund to attract the attention of the type of companies and developers who are interested in the prospect of providing cross-platform services and apps for Intel-Architecture (IA) devices. They’ve found it’s a lot more effective than doing direct investing with individual companies that they select. In this manner they can reach out globally and invest in companies that they may not have heard of yet. Urban Airship and 4tiitoo were at the announcement as the first two companies to benefit from the Intel AppUp Fund. Other announcements about partner companies will be forthcoming.

Intel has also partnered with several retailers and manufacturers who will pre-load the AppUp store onto the devices they sell (right now, mainly laptops and Ultrabooks) or manufacture:

Intel is serious about making their mark on the mobile device space, and their $100M USD AppUp Fund is just one of the ways they’re advancing this goal. More details can be found in their official press release here.

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