Lenovo X130e Product Page Spotted 2011 Release Confirmed

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15 Nov, 2011 5:00 pm


Just yesterday the Lenovo X130e was leaked along side the X1 Hybrid and an $800 Ultrabook.  According to the Lenovo Live update he X130e was slated to be released this year and we’ve found a product page on Taiwan’s PCHome that confirms the 2011 release date.  This 11.6 inch netbook also gets detailed with a choice of an AMD E300 or E450 APU with AMD Radeon HD graphics and will have a display resolution of 1366 x 768.  Like its predecessor the X120e it will come with 2 x USB 2.0, HDMI and bluetooth 2.0.  There was no information given on the RAM or HDD sizes but since we’re assuming it will offer similar specs to the X120e (choice of 2GB RAM & 320GB HDD) which ran on the E240 & E350 AMD APUs.

Sadly there was no information on pricing or an exact date but since its shown up in PCHome with a 2011 release date its a safe bet that its headed for Taiwan’s IT Month.  In case you’ve missed our coverage of previous IT Month’s, basically its Taiwan’s version of Black Friday, but they take one of the Computex Hall’s and put ALL of the computer stores under one roof.  Every year we find one or two gems that shouldn’t be released yet or have only seen a paper launch on the show floor.  If something is being slated to be release in Taiwan before the end of the year you can be sure that they are heading for this computer show which starts on December 3rd.

Here are the leaked slides going over some of the X130e’s features.

The above photo’s was found on PC Home however its hard to say if its actually a photo of the new netbook or if they’ve used another photo as a place holder.  It does look at bit like the computer found in the above slide, what do you think, is this is X130e?

Via PCHome

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