Motorola Makes Bloatware on DROID RAZR Less Annoying

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11 Nov, 2011 11:00 pm


As we know from the information Google has revealed about Ice Cream Sandwich, users will be able to hide pre-installed apps, sometimes known as “bloatware” in the app drawer to help keep things nice and tidy. It’s a feature that many users will be very happy to have. But Motorola has already added this feature to the DROID RAZR (as well as the Droid Bionic).


When in the app drawer, you can long press on an app’s icon and get the menus seen above. While you can hide some apps, obviously you won’t be able to reclaim the space taken up by them. But at least they can be, “out of sight, out of mind”.

As for some other apps, you will be able to uninstall them outright. Examples of these uninstallable apps according to Droid Life: Blockbuster, GoToMeeting, Let’s Golf, and Madden. Nice! It was also observed that while there are some bloatware apps on the DROID RAZR, there doesn’t seem to be as many this time around, making the phone as a whole feel less “bloated” from Verizon’s pre-loaded apps, always a good thing.

Via Droid Life

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