Why the Pink Samsung Galaxy SII Should Only be Sold in Korea *Update

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30 Dec, 2011 8:00 am


I don’t know about you, but Pink gadgets bug me, I get that some women like Pink, but the thought of pulling out a Pink device in a business setting makes me cringe.  Women have fought long and hard for respect in the workplace. I find my self asking, do we really want to undermine that with little girl accessories?  Unless these devices are being aimed at children or are in support of breast cancer I’m not convinced that its right that women be assigned one color from the whole beautiful rainbow.

Even as I say these words I know that in Asia women identify with cute, standing on any street corner you hear a distinctive voice that women use to talk to their boyfriends or husbands.  The chinese have a word for it, and the reality is that over here men carry purses that they might call man bag’s but clearly aren’t.  When I ask a male friend why he’s carrying a purse he asked me, why you don’t think this is a nice bag? Fair enough.

As long as they keep Pink to a market where grown women freak out like 5 year olds in Hello Kitty stores I should probably keep my opinions to my self.

Oh yeah, Samsung gave no indication if they planned on launching the pink Galaxy S II anywhere but Korea. They did mention that the white edition of the S II (available for some time alongside the original black one) has reached sales of 850,000 units in Korea. The Android 4.0 update will be arriving the first half of 2012 and if you’re looking to pick it up on Amazon for $559.

Update: Looks like they didn’t listen, but thankfully they’ve kept it to Hong Kong and Taiwan!

Via Sammy Hub Update

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  • Anonymous

    Wow. Is this being repressed, or what ? You may judge people by the color of their phones, and assume a bunch of stuff about people who have them. Some, hopefully most, people don’t.

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Benjamin-Collins/100002374449882 Benjamin Collins

    So all electronics should be black or white and screw you if you want some variety?

  • Jon Garrett


    I like you, please don’t become a feminist. Pink phones look sexy and I’ll take mine in a metallic or brushed aluminum finishes.

  • http://www.netbooknews.com Nicole Scott

    Ha! I’ll do my best not to burn my bra today. ;)

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  • Kunal Gangar

    Also available in Sweden on 3

  • vickers

    to be honest, i want one :)
    so darn bad, hahaha im not all that girly, obsessed with hello kitty, no way, but the phones nice, i really want one but we’ll see, i dont wna walk around and see tons of other girls carrying the same pink phone, haha cause when its blk or white, it seems like everyone has their own phone, haha

  • Ida

    All this did was make me want to buy a pink phone. And flash it around every condescending “you have to act like a man to get respect” woman out there. If you’re working in a place where the color pink will undermine your results, then there is something wrong with your workplace.