Australian Retailer Gives Apple The Finger, Sells Galaxy Tab

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9 Nov, 2011 9:00 pm


Despite the Samsung Galaxy Tab being banned in Australia one retailer disregarded the temporary country-wide injunction, ignoring threats of legal action from Apple.

dMavo has sold and continues to sell the Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 in Australia which is under a temporary injunction by created “a new entity” to handle requests specifically for Samsung’s tablet, by taking orders through a European server outside of Australian court jurisdiction and shipping the tablets from Asia. Apple has yet to seek any official legal action against the resellers, however the company is reportedly threatening to sue.

“Was Apple just bluffing or do they really want to play the cat and mouse game,” Wojtek Czarnocki of dMavo asked. “We’re up for it.”

It is unclear if these steps will actually prevent legal action but the iPad maker could apply to the Australian Federal Court for further injunctions even if a seller was based overseas, however it would be difficult to enforce without Apple asking international courts to cooperate.

This is not the first time dMavo managing director Czarnocki has stood up against patent and copyright infringement actually being jailed last year.

source dmavo & Sydney Morning Herlad AppleInsider

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  • Charbax

    I think that you can find it for sale all over Germany also. These lawsuits don’t mean anything. It’s just for the media.

  • Wojtek Czarnocki

    Hi Nicole, pls try to get the facts straight. No one ever got jailed. Where did you make that one up from?


  • Wojtek Czarnocki

    Hi Nicole,

    We have now taken screenshots of your original article.

    Here is what needs to be corrected by you:
    1) The Samsung Galaxy 10.1 tablets are not banned in Australia
    2) We are not circumventing the current injunction as it does not apply to us
    3) I was never jailed or commited a crime that you may be referring to

    A public apology with respect to 3) above will be expected.

    If the facts do not get corrected we will seek legal advice and will likely pursue libel proceedings against the website and yourself.

    If you have any Qs pls email us on the email address registered with this account.


  • Heated

    Up to his usual, I’ve been defamed bullshit I see. He should be jailed. He’s an incredible con artist. His modus operandi is to take orders and then just stop contact with the customer. Then when the customer complains or threatens to take the complaint to the authority, he pulls the same rubbish as here, threatening legal action for defamation.
    He’s got a long history of making a mockery out of the legal system. He did a deal with software companies after selling copies of software for a profit. He’s been involved with companies like Voitech and Memorymate, with their own now defunct websites and ebay accounts.
    It’s best to steer clear of this guy. Never do business with him, he’s not trustworthy.
    I learnt the hard way and so have many others.