Samsung Galaxy SII “Hercules” overclocked to 1.836 GHz

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9 Nov, 2011 12:30 am

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The Samsung Galaxy S II is sold with a number of variants, one of which, namely the model SGH-T989 which doesn’t have the Samsung Exynos or Nvidia Tegra 2 but its sporting the Qualcomm Snapdragon S3 APQ8060 dual-core processor. The SGH-T989 is currently only available in North America through T-Mobile. The XDA-Developers forum have now a new ROM for the “Hercules” and it can be over clocked to a whopping 1.836 GHz.

What this ROM?

  • This is a way for me to play around with kernels and use you people as guinea pigs
  • OC up to 1.836 ghz
  • should boot into stock frequencies
  • added BFQ I/O scheduler and made default
  • patched drivers from newer Telus 989D source
  • added zram
  • working init.d support
  • insecure

Are you ready to take your device to the next level? If so, continue on to the kernel thread! But be warned if your phone stops working, it no ones fault but your own.

Source XDA-Developers Forums Via

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