LG P330 Ultra Thin Notebook Available in Korea [Video]

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7 Nov, 2011 8:19 pm

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The P330 by LG is a stunning 13.3″ notebook that is very thin with a gorgeous IPS display, if you’re unfamiliar its the same technology behind the display in the iPad.  When we first heard about this 3.6 lbs or 1.7Kg beauty it was sporting a Core i7 processor but it has in stead been released with the i5-2435M running at 2.4GHz which is the high end of the i5 series. In the graphics department its got the NVIDIA GeForce GT555M and a 40GB / 640GB SSD and HDD combo for snappier performance. The price is listed as ₩1,364,000, which converts to a hefty $1,220. We’re hoping that once this unit is available globally it will be with a lower price point.

We were able to find this hands on video from ndevil, even though its in German you get a pretty good look at the system.

YouTube Preview Image

Via Engadget

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