Apple Loses Lawsuit Against Spanish Tablet Maker NT-K

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3 Nov, 2011 9:25 pm

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Apple has several on going lawsuits which essentially claim that they created the tablet form factor with their design patent. Today Apple lost their battle against the NT-K tablet whose Spanish manufacturer Nuevas Tecnologías y Energías Catalá is now seeking damages from Apple. And rightfully so! Apple had actually already successfully blocked the sales of the NT-K tablet.

NT-K tablet manufacturers have some insight that many people have been thinking but not many people are saying. Nuevas Tecnologías y Energías Catalá note that that they were not the only target of Apple’s lawsuit, but that others did not want to take on the Cupertino giant. The lawsuit between Samsung and Apple is the most famous of the many on going claims and so far Apple has mostly won based on “technical merit” (against the Galaxy phones in Europe) rather than based on the idea that others copied its designs.

We can’t help but wonder if this is it the beginning of the end for this “design-based” patent war that is stopping the sale of some many coveted tablets around the world. What would the world be like if we could only buy an iPad? We’ve got a video below for you from 2041 when Apple’s products have actually taken over the world:

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  • Anonymous

    Let’s hope its the beginning of the end of all these ridiculous patent suits over designs that existed before.