ASUS Lamborghini VX6S Cedar Trail Netbook Vs ASUS 1215B Vs ASUS VX6 Benchmarks

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3 Nov, 2011 11:49 am

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Looking to have a sleek and sexy 12 inch netbook?  The ASUS Lamborghini VX65 is heading to market with the Intel Atom CedarTrail D2700 2.13 GHz CPU, AMD Radeon 6470M GPU with Lamborghini sports car details. This latest edition takes on the Pine Trail/ION2-powered VX6 Lamborghini ASUS predecessor as well as the Asus EEE PC 1215.  We grab a few of the big benchmarks but there are a few more over at NetBookLive but the skinny on the performance benchmarks is that the newer computer is clearly faster, but what about the cost?

In case you’re not familiar PC Mark 05, tests the CPU and 3DMark 06 tests graphics. The Asus Lamborghini VX6 is $670 from Amazon and the EEE PC 1215B is $360 from Amazon. If you’re looking for something that will perform, the VX65 is slated to be in the $500+ range which currently isnt far off the VX6, but if you’re looking for good performance with half decent graphics and are on a budget the 1215B is a fantastic choice!

The VX65 is coming out soon, but until it does here is an official wall paper from ASUS:


Via NetbookLive

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  • Anonymous

    got the 1215b from b&h photo for 259. only 1 gb ram and the c50 processor though. still, cost of ram is cheap enough to make up that difference. i got an asus x101 for 209 from amazon but the screen died after 3 weeks and i wan’t happy with the keyboard and started looking for something a bit bigger. b&h has generally cheaper netbook prices than amazon.