What’s New with the Android Marketplace Update?

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2 Nov, 2011 6:28 pm


The latest edition of Android Marketplace is being released with version 3.3.11 and its got a few enhancements that should make you check to see if an update is available on your device. The latest version adds in a number of new features which the folks over at Android Police uncovered:

New setting: Auto-update apps (presumably, sets all apps to auto-update mode, woohoo!)
New setting: Update over Wi-Fi only
New setting: Auto-add shortcuts (automatically adds homescreen shortcuts for new apps, ala Honeycomb)
Smaller font
New app drawer icon
Microphone (voice command) button in search menu
Star rating chart on app pages
Minor UI tweaks

We’re keen on a few features like the non-auto-update which is nice because now you have to go in and change each app manually. We also really dig the update over WiFi only as some people don’t have unlimited data plans can now rest a little easier.

Users who do not want to wait for the process to happen naturally can download the APK and install it manually here. If you choose to click that link you should be warned that things are still a little glitchy with Honeycomb so unless you feel like playing around, you might want to wait.

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  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=612830400 Daniel Eriksson

    Sigh.. Its called ANDROID MARKET for pete’s sake.. I never read ANDROID MARKETPLACE on google’s site.. Only false information from journalists spreading it wrong..

  • Ed

    Dude, chill.

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    Market and Marketplace = Same thing for readers.