Acer: Windows 8 to Take on Apple’s Dominance

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2 Nov, 2011 7:30 am


Acer Chairman JT Wang sees a resurgence of Microsoft software in the coming years, enabling Windows to more effectively take on Apple. Microsoft’s Windows “has not had any achievements within these two markets that can help it gain share,” precipitating a decline in Netbook shipments and resulting in only “slight” growth in the traditional laptop market, according to the report citing Wang’s comments.

The fact is to date Microsoft has been absent from innovation their biggest challenge, according to Wang, the strong growth in Apple’s iOS in smartphones and tablets. Microsoft can compete with Windows 7 and the new Windows Phone 7 but he does not expect any significant growth in market share. The Acer boss says, that the success of the iPad, which has increasingly taken over the place of netbooks and cheap notebooks which was Acers strength.

But Windows 8 could change this. Over the next couple of years, Wang sees a resurgence of the Microsoft camp on the back of Windows 8 as Microsoft responds more effectively to “consumer demands,” according to the report. Windows 8 is expected no later than 2013.

And Hewlett-Packard’s decision to stay in the PC hardware business was welcomed by Wang, who said that “HP’s move will help expand the market share of Windows to better compete against Apple.”

Source: DigiTimes via Cnet

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