Ubuntu heading on to phones and tablets

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31 Oct, 2011 4:10 pm


According to an early report from ZDNet, Shuttleworth will announce plans to bring Ubuntu to smartphones and tablet computing devices. The company says that it has been discussing the plan with hardware partners for the past 18 months.  The Ubuntu Developer Summit, takes place next week and during the keynote Mark Shuttleworth, Ubuntu Founder, will lay out a roadmap for the next version of the Linux distribution.

Ubuntu 12.04—scheduled for release in April—will offer an extended long-term support period for business users. After the 12.04 release, the focus will reportedly shift towards mobile.

Ubuntu’s new Unity shell will play a key role in Canonical’s plans to bring the Ubuntu user experience to smaller screens. We’ve already seen preliminary tablet support, including experimental functionality for touchscreen-based window management. The Qt-based Unity 2D experience will serve as the mobile implementation and the Qt Quick user interface design framework is well-suited for building touch-friendly mobile experiences.


There aren’t many details but the keynote is Monday so we’ll be keen to learn more then.

Via ArsTechnica

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