Espier Launcher Hands On: An iOS Design for you Android Phone

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28 Oct, 2011 9:35 pm

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Make the switch to Android but are nostalgic for your old iOS interface?  Espier has a launcher available in Android Marketplace that replicates the look a feel of Apple’s iPhone.  Espier is a very solid launcher, it’s smooth, has lots of nice features, and does a remarkable job of looking exactly like iOS.

You’re missing an app drawer, which some people might find annoying, but you get iOS-style icons in a 4×4 grid with a dock at the bottom. If you swipe up on the home screen, you get an iOS-style fast app switcher, where you can close running apps and, if you swipe to the left, even change brightness, Wi-Fi, volume, and other quick settings.

The even folders work exactly like they do in iOS: just drag one icon onto another to create a folder, and when you tap on it, it’ll pop up in true iOS style. It also has a search function in the same place you’d find Spotlight on iOS, though it didn’t work quite as well as we’d have liked, putting apps all the way down at the bottom and filling the results with unimportant things.

Here is our walk through video if you want to take a look before you download.

YouTube Preview Image

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