Hey, Samsung Galaxy Nexus, No Gorilla Glass For You! Next!

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26 Oct, 2011 8:30 pm


Apologies to the “Soup Nazi” of Seinfeld fame, I just had to do it. But seriously, it looks like the Samsung Galaxy Nexus, the next Android flagship phone, is not going to have Gorilla Glass to protect its screen.

Apparently an errant product Flyer claimed that the Galaxy Nexus had a Gorilla Glass screen, creating a little confusion. But as shown in the above screen capture, Corning has officially said that the Galaxy Nexus will not have Gorilla Glass.

When information about the Galaxy Nexus specs were finally confirmed, outing some less-than-top-end features — like the 5 MP rear-camera, or the PenTile display (non Super AMOLED Plus like the Galaxy S2), or older GPU from 2007 (!) — the Galaxy Nexus seems a bit disappointing to some who expected more from a flagship phone. Now this news about a non-Gorilla Glass screen kind of adds to the non-premium status of the Galaxy Nexus.

Yes, a smartphone is often more than the sum of its parts if it’s done right. Perhaps the sheen of Ice Cream Sandwich will be enough to outshine some less-than-stellar specs if it is strongly optimized for the Galaxy Nexus hardware. We’ll have to see once it is finally released “sometime this year”.

Via Android and Me

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