Puffle Launch: Android Game Review

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22 Oct, 2011 12:49 am

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Brought to you by Disney’s Club Penguin comes Puffle Launch, the high speed, fast paced, super hero action game. Launch your pet puffle around the the map collecting Puffle O’s after every cannon you launch from. Dodge obstacles, beat the flying robotic crab boss and discover a maze of surprises.The objective of Puffle Launch is to launch your puffle-via cannon-into the air at other cannons while collecting Puffle O’s mid-air, eventually reaching the fiery Puffle O at the end of each level. Once you’ve reached another cannon you will either be automatically shot in a fierce repetitive motion from cannon to cannon or will be stuck waiting for your press of the finger to launch yet again. This game has nearly a very large surprise factor when playing. You’ll be flying around the map when all of a sudden your ricocheting off a floating anvil or a cactus.Puffle Launch is only $0.99 on the Android Market and has plenty to offer game-wise. It packed with 24 different high speed levels and everything is multi touch controls, left thumb-right thumb. There are 3 extreme modes waiting to be unlocked; Time Trial, Turbo and Slow-Mo. Earn points, collect Puffle O’s and transfer them to clubpenguin.comIn terms of contrast and quality, I’m saying this game is quite magnificent. It continues to grab my attention even after my eyes are flurried across my display from each level.  I would rate it 4/5 stars for its continuous and controlled game play minus the question I keep asking myself-What is a Puffle O’? Check out the hands-on video below or other games here.YouTube Preview Image

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