Windows Phone 7 App Store Growth on Par with iOS

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11 Oct, 2011 11:29 pm

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If you’re of the impression that Windows Phone 7 is doomed on arrival you might want to check in with their apps store growth.  Jan Dawson, Chief Telecoms Analyst at Ovum noted that the smartphone market will increasingly become the mobile device market as penetration rises sharply and feature phones become ever more marginal.  He provided a framework for identifying the winners and losers among them a part of that was looking at the rate at which each of the app stores was acquiring new applications.

What we can see in the chart below is that the Windows Phone 7 app marketplace is growing more quickly than Android’s store did at launch, and is also somewhat comparable to the iPhone’s.

What do you think about Windows 7, does knowing their app store is on pace with iOS have you thinking twice?

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  • Dade

    have you tried windows phone apps ? there are ways to make people deliver a lot of low quality applications.. for example samsung for bada did contests in schools all over the world .. by offering awards for the ‘best 3 apps’ they got hundreds of apps published for each school..
    try to plot usability, user satisfacition, app quality,..