Samsung Rumored to Outsource Ultrabook Development

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27 Sep, 2011 7:19 am


Looks like Digitimes has published another report that seems a little suspicious, according to a ‘paper’ Samsung is outsourcing development of one of their Ultrabooks to Quanta. Why this news strikes me as odd, is that Samsung has two devices that could be re-purposed into the Ultrabook category.  All they would need to do would be to add in a couple hardware updates like an anti-theft module and rapid start drop the price and bam! Instant Ultrabook!

If Quanta is involved at all its most likely to save a bit of money on production, I doubt that they’ll be using Quanta’s Ultrabook design. However, what is interesting is that all the ODM/OEMs that showed off their Ivy bridge Ultrabook prototypes last week at IDF and Quanta was actually absent.  Could be a sign they aren’t working on anything or they are and they are worried about it being recognized.  Hard to say, but with Samsung’s existing line up, my money is on outsourcing if the rumor is true.

Via UltrabookNews

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