AMD Windows 8 tablet boot comparison “Desna” Z-01 & “Ontario” C-50 Fusion APUs

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16 Sep, 2011 3:45 pm

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At the BUILD conference where Microsoft launched their new operating system Windows 8, AMD showed off a pair of slates we’ve seen before, specifically the Acer Iconia Tab W500, running on the company’s C-50 APU, and MSI’s WinPad 110W, sporting the Z-01 APU. This is the first time we’ve seen of the Metro UI running on these chipsets so obviously we were curious about the boot up time. Even thought the Z-01 or the Desna hasn’t been optimized they roughly finish booting at the same time.   Check out the video below to see the differences in the boot even though they have nearly comparable times.

YouTube Preview Image

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  • Anonymous

    They are both almost exactly at 10 seconds.  I’m not sure where the 15 seconds comes in…we must use different watches.