Intel Next Generation Processor Haswell Demo at IDF 2011

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15 Sep, 2011 6:53 am


Haswell microarchitecture uses the same 22nm process CPUs as Ivy Bridge. It would reduce the power consumption in Ultrabooks by 20x as compared to current designs thus providing ten days of connected standby by 2013.

Two chips are meant to accelerate the evolution of the Ultrabook. The first is Ivy Bridge which we are expecting early 2012 (or end of 2011 if you’re drinking the kool-aid) and will follow-on to the widely-used Sandy Bridge processor. Ivy Bridge will implement Intel’s 3D transistor technology and be approximately 50 percent more power efficient than its predecessor.

The second is Haswell, which is expected to be Intel’s first complete system-on-a-chip–not unlike what competing ARM chip suppliers use in smartphones–for mainstream computing.

Haswell will reduce “platform power” by factor of 20 and boasts all-day usage, 10 days of standby. The reduction inplatform power means essentially that standby time is greatly increased.

Ultrabooks running Haswell are expected to release in 2013. We got to see a live demo of Haswell running in a desktop at IDF 2011.

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