Medfield Smartphone and Tablet Demo IDF 2011

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14 Sep, 2011 2:11 am


At the IDF 2011 keynote with Paul Otellini we briefly saw some much anticipated mobile computing hardware inside a Medfield tablet and smartphone prototypes. The Medfield units are part of Intel’s Computing Continuum initiative to bring consumers a seamless computing experience as they move across different devices from their PCs to their phones and tablets.

In our brief glimpse at the Medfield tablet on stage, we saw it running Honeycomb.

Examples of Computing Continuum scenarios demoed during the keynote included:

  • devices easily sharing photos and other media via Intel Pair and Share
  • display notifications on your PC for incoming SMSes via Teleport Extender
  • a “family wall” where an all-in-one PC can have a screen saver mode showing off messages, shopping lists, and drawings on a digital pinboard

There was also a Medfield phone prototype that Paul Otellini surprised us with at the end of the keynote:

Check out the other photos of the Medfield tablet that Sascha was able to wrangle when the press was invited up to the stage following the keynote.

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