iPad 3 To Have Thinner, Lighter Battery with Q1 2012 Mass Production

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7 Sep, 2011 11:01 am


Didn’t see that one coming right? Would you have guessed the Apple iPad 3 may surpass the iPad 2 with battery life and perhaps come in even thinner? Well Taiwan Economic News moves those claims closer to reality today, as according to the site, Apple has orders in for new batteries that are thinner and lighter than the iPad 2′s batteries yet while offering more “service life”. The only hitch is that these batteries are about 20% – 30% more expensive than those previous ones used. The new batteries start shipping in Q4 this year with mass production of the iPad 3 due in Q1 of 2012 next year.

So much for those late 2011 rumors but a recent iPad 3 article from the Wall Street Journal shot that down recently anyway. Zero official word on the iPad 3 but above all else on the rumor list is that it’s expected to sport a higher resolution display, double that of the first two generation iPads at 2048 x 1536, a rumor that’s also fueled by actual leaked images supporting that. Chances are it’ll probably slim down even further, too.

Source: BGR

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