Asus Ultrabooks in 2012 to be Cheaper, Sport Ivy Bridge

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5 Sep, 2011 10:19 pm


The first round of ultrabooks hitting from now until the end of the year won’t be cheap but at least some of the lower end models from various manufacturers will hit Intel’s target of $1,000 or below – that’s not the case for Lenovo’s IdeaPad U300 but should be for the Acer Aspire S3, Toshiba Portege Z830 and Asus UX series. Lenovo did state that their ultrabooks in 2012 will be much more affordable and that’s being echoed today by a Digitimes report today about some of Asus’ 2012 ultrabooks.

While Asus will be launching 11.6-inch and 13.3-inch models, in five to six varying configurations next month in October with pricing between $899 and $1,999, come 2012 when Intel’s next-gen Ivy Bridge based chips arrive, Asus’ ultrabooks are expected to be priced from $600 – $900 when they hit in April.

Source: Digitimes

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    This is good news for consumers who loved their netbooks. I am sure many consider ultrabooks to be the upgrade from netbooks.

  • gman

    Really? People are going to spend an extra $350 for a robust secondary laptop? Weren’t “ultra thin laptops” Intel’s last attempt? Yes, and where is that “category” now? My point exactly.

  • Anonymous

    You mean the CULV chip based laptops? The ones where they took the lowest of the chips and then further crippled it? And just put in a ultraportable form factor?

    CULV chips were quite a downgrade from the regular ULV chips. Suffice to say it was only better than Netbook chips like Brazos and Atom.

    I wonder how people even compare to a Netbook. The build quality, performance, and features are at a another level with the new “Ultrabook” category.

  • gman

    So is the price tag and that’s my point. You’re telling me people didn’t buy CULV because of power and not price? They didn’t sell because 95% of consumers looking for a secondary laptop are buying a $250 netbook.

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  • Nicole Scott

    They aren’t CULV chipset’s they will be based on Sandybride….so not crippled.