Barnes & Noble Nook Color 2 Due out Before Amazon’s Tablet?

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3 Sep, 2011 12:35 pm


Barnes & Noble has been expected to launch a new tablet before the end of the year, as the book store closes in on the NOOK Color’s one-year anniversary as it launched in November 2010. Today, we’re finally hearing some news about this from Digitimes, who say the Nook Color 2 is scheduled for released this month, in September, which would be a month or two away from Amazon’s 7-inch tablet that’s now reported (yesterday) to be released in November.

Manufacturing giants Pegatron and Inventec are said to be able to supply up to 2 – 3 million units by the end of 2011. The only technical detail mentioned is that E-Ink is said to be the supplier, once again, of 7-inch “e-paper backplanes” for the Nook Color 2. I’ll read that as having the same FFS (or is it IPS?) display as seen on the original Nook Color, since we’re not looking at a Kindle / Nook Touch replacement here.

Amazon’s tablet, as we heard yesterday, will be a direct competitor to the Nook Color, as both will have a focus on reading, both being 7-inch and expected to sell around a price point of $250 set by the original Nook Color. Perhaps Barnes & Noble is trying to speed things up to get theirs out the door before Amazon’s.

Source: Digitimes

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