HTC Flyer Sees Price Drop In The UK

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27 Aug, 2011 8:30 pm


With many Android tablets getting price cuts recently could we see the HTC Flyer getting cheaper soon? That’s the case in the UK. Best Buy has dropped the price from £480 down to £329, which is roughly a $245 price drop. Granted, the price was a little higher over there in the first place. In the US, it’s still priced at $499 and still exclusive (Wi-Fi only version) to Best Buy. Prices are slow to drop on 7-inchers since there’s not much competition in that space, compared to the crowded 10-inch market.

The price drop may be HTC wanting to get rid of stock prior to the launch of the upcoming Puccini / Jetstream 10-inch tablet, which is expected to debut on September 1st. That could go on sale for $499 pushing the price down on the 7-incher.

Source: Best Buy UK

Via: Android and Me



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