Lenovo IdeaPad A1 Hands-On at IFA 2011 [video]

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3 Sep, 2011 2:01 am


Yesterday we reported on the Lenovo IdeaPad A1. It was making waves in tech news because Lenovo is going after the budget-conscious consumers by offering the IdeaPad starting at $199. Until now the bigger companies offering Android tablets didn’t have inexpensive tablets in the market. Android tablet prices were averaging over $500 or so, making it a little difficult for those not convinced that they need or want an Android tablet to pull the trigger. With a price around $199 for the 8GB model and $249 for the 16GB, Lenovo will attract more buyers who may have been on the fence before.

Roland from Tabletblog.de has a quick walkthrough video from IFA 2011. Here are some specs to refresh your memory:

  • 7″ screen
  • 1GHz Cortex A8 processor from TI, 512 MB RAM
  • integrated GPS
  • 0.3MP (VGA) front camera, 3MP back camera
  • micro-SD slot, micro-USB connector
  • single speaker

Yesterday I saw news that the IdeaPad A1 would have both a full-sized SD slot and a micro-SD slot, but the device that Roland shows off is missing the full SD slot. I’m not sure if perhaps that’s an option on the 16GB version and not on the 8GB, or if that full-sized slot was removed from production models. We’ll have to investigate this further.

As I mentioned before, the specs for the IdeaPad A1 sound a lot like the specs for the original Samsung Galaxy Tab. This is a good thing, as the Tab is a pretty decent Android tablet. The Tab originally sold for over $350, so the IdeaPad A1 pricing is even better.

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