Apple has Samsung US trial date expedited

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27 Aug, 2011 4:30 am

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Apple has been after Samsung is a Europe which has resulted in the Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 being banned for sale up until its trail date on September the 9th. Apple has also filed a similar complaint against Samsung in the US with the Northern District of California court. Apple has won a order which moved the trial date up to July 30, 2012 which is a happy medium between Apple’s dream date of February 2012 and Samsung’s of 2013.

Samsung also just recently won the exit of potentially conflicting lawyers. The Korean company had been alarmed after it learned that some attorneys from Bridges & Mavrakakis representing Apple had recently been involved in supporting Samsung, possibly leading to them having inside knowledge of Samsung’s workings that could be used in Apple’s case.

The advantage to Apple should come in the scope of the trial as well as the timing. Apple is making a large number of claims and is facing similar counter suits from Samsung. The mid-2012 date gives Samsung less time to prepare its defense. With 18 other cases active around the world, the schedule raises the likelihood that Apple will have a major US verdict against Samsung before other cases complete and risk handing any wins to Samsung.

Via Electronista

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  • Jon Garrett

    Having this trial in California gives apple a very big advantage. Samsung should try to move this case to a court in a state where they can get a fair trial.