AMD Fusion E-series and C-series APUs Now Official

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22 Aug, 2011 6:20 pm


We’ve seen some of these on the recent Dell Inspiron M102z already selling in several countries, and now AMD has gone official with them – the new E and C-series Fusion APUs. There’s the Ontario based C-60 for the netbook side of things and the Zacate based E-450 and E-300 for laptops with a little more power. Both chips add support for DirectX11 and DisplayPort++* while the E-series adds support for DDR3-1333 RAM and HDMI 1.4a output which allows 3D viewing on supported televisions. The C-series ship claims 12 hours of battery life while the E-series chip claims up to 10.5 hours, which is the same as the first series of Brazos APUs. Both models can reach higher clock speeds due to newly added “Turbo Core” support.

The chips are already in the market. No manfucturers mentioned but we know Dell and Asus, at least, are on the list.

AMD Brazos lineup – technical specs:

New models are highlighted.

Model Graphics CPU Speed GPU Speed Cores TDP Battery Life
Zacate APUs
E-450 HD 6320 1.65 GHz 600 MHz / 508 MHz 2 18W 10.58 Hours
E-350 HD 6310 1.6 GHz 492 MHz 2 18W 10.65 Hours
E-300 HD 6310 1.3 GHz 488 MHz 2 18W 9.5 Hours
E-240 HD 6310 1.5 GHz 500 MHz 1 18W 10 Hours
Ontario APUs
C-60 HD 6290 1.33 GHz / 1.0 GHz 400 MHz / 276 MHz 2 9W 12 Hours
C-50 HD 6250 1.0 GHz 276 MHz 2 9W 12 Hours
C-30 HD 6250 1.2 GHz 277 MHz 1 9W 12 Hours

*DisplayPort++ is DisplayPort just plus the ability to carry HDMI and DVI signals over the connector, so you can use an adapter to convert to HDMI or DVI output.

Source: AMD

Via: Engadget, Anandtech

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