Lenovo officially on the ultrabook bandwagon

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18 Aug, 2011 7:29 pm


We heard it rumored last month that Lenovo, among various others like Dell had hopped on the Ultrabook bandwagon – which are thin and light laptops to take on the Macbook Air. Lenovo’s now gone official with this move today during a earnings conference call today.

Lenovo’s plan is to be a leader in innovation and introduce ultrabooks over the coming quarters with “mainstream” pricing to be reached sometime next year, something that would have been impossible 18 months ago. That means we’ll see some $1,000+ offerings from them this year, and it won’t just be Lenovo in that same boat. No actual ultrabook products were announced, however.

Intel is expected to showcase ultrabooks, among other goodness such as Cedar Trail, at IDF which takes place from September 13 – 15. First off the bat will be ASUS with their UX series of ultrabooks and after that it’s anybody’s guess. Acer, HP and Dell haven’t officially announced anything ultrabook yet although leaked images of a 13-inch Acer Aspire 3951 hit the news recently.

Source: CNET, Fudzilla, Engadget

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