Intel’s 300M Ultrabook Fund Includes Cloud Storage & Cloud Sync

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11 Aug, 2011 4:00 pm


Today Intel Capital announced that it has created a $300 Million Ultrabook Fund to spur innovation for this category that’s focused on being thin light and Ultra portable. The Ultrabook Fund is targeted at technologies that will help deliver new and enhanced user experiences, longer battery life and slim component and platform technologies.

Specific elements the fund will be targeting can be broken down into three categories:

Slim Components – slim batteries, touch display, SSD
New Ingredients – Sensors, gesture software, gyroscopes, 3D camera’s
Complementary Technologies – Cloud based Storage & Cloud based sync

The first two are pretty standard, the entire computing industry is edging towards thinner and lighter tech anyways, but its interesting to hear that Intel is going to be focused on Cloud based Storage & Cloud based sync. This news actually puts “Chipzilla” in direct competition with companies like Apple, Google and Amazon, since they all have Dropbox like clones and of course Microsoft has Skydrive. Intel will be looking to spend this $300M in 3-4 years so keep an eye out for some interesting acquisitions. The fund will invest in both start-up companies and public companies across the world and Intel Capital will actively engage in engineering collaboration.

Intel has also confirmed that the Ultrabooks will hit the $1000 price point in Q4, however, it sounds like there maybe some higher price points in the beginning. That’s the price you have to pay if you want to be first to market.

Talking to OEMs at a luncheon at a different event, many of them expressed concern that they never recovered the cost from the ULV platform. We’ve heard that ASUS will be releasing the UX21 in September, ACER had leaked specs from the 3951 Ultrabook yesterday and HP is rumored to be stepping into the game shortly. It clear that others are looking to step into the Ultrabook game in Q4, but that they are going to wait an see how these pioneers fair.

Its going to be an interesting year for the notebook category with the entry of this new product line, we’ll see if they fair better then the ULV. We think they will since they’re planning on delivering performance!

If you want to check out the press release here is the link.

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