Kno Wants to Change How You Learn By Integrating Textbooks into Facebook

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10 Aug, 2011 6:00 pm


Remember the Kno Tablet? It was the 14″ dual screen monstrosity that was aimed at the education market?  Well it seems that they’ve smartened up and started serving the education market by making the 100,000 college textbooks you can already by through its website available on Facebook.   The Textbooks for Facebook app and site will present the books via an HTML5 reader. So students who buy a book via Kno’s iPad app, can now read them online or on Facebook. If they want they can post questions related to different section of the text to their facebook stream.  We hope that students will cull this into a group feed since your facebook news stream but love the idea of using the collective learning potential of Facebook.

“We are not trying to redefine the textbook,” Kno CEO Osman Rashid told Techcrunch, “we are trying to redefine how you learn.”

Kno is also adding new study features into its iPad app.  The video below show QuizMe in action, it creates a test out of any labeled diagram in a digital textbook. It blacks out the labels and lets you test yourself with multiple choice answers, which works well with biology or anatomy diagrams.

Kno’s iPad app already lets students take notes or highlight passages. Students can collect notes in the Journal, which organizes all the notes for each textbook into an Evernote-like stream of notes. The aim is that the student will have a collection of exam study notes by the end of the semester.

We’re glad they gave up hardware as software is clearly their strong suit.

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via techcrunch

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