Archos Arnova 8 G2 Heading to the US with FCC Appearance

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8 Aug, 2011 5:00 am

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We first caught wind of the Archos Arnova 8 G2 a few months ago  and were looking forward to its 8 inch form factor with a rock bottom price point!  We heard it was going to come int somewhere between $149-$200 which is a deal for a 1GHz processor even if it is a Rockchip.  It should come sporting a capacitive display at 800 x 600 and will support a minimum of 720p playback.  The version of Android remains unknown but connectivity wise it will have a 2 x USB 2.0, micro SD card slot, WiFi b/g/n as well as an accelerometer.  Archos has been making tablets for years but for some reason has never really made it big, however they do have solid build quality but they use pretty budget components to keep the price down.  They’re doing a good job of holding down the cheap Android tablets!Via Engadget


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  • Per Rosing Mogensen

    I had the Archos 70, and I think it was good value for money. Still I had to replace it with HTC’s Flyer, some things were missing.

    In my case the problem Archos devices have is limited memory, and lack of 3G, GPS and a rear camera.
    Some people don’t need 3G, GPS or rear camera, but the low memory is a bottleneck, but it still runs fine for simple movie watching, browsing and emailing, Angry Birds, etc.

    Just don’t run too many background services (file sync, Skype, weather widgets, etc), then it tends to slow down too much.

    I gave my Archos 70 to my parents, and they love it, because they don’t have to start up the PC to just check their email, and they can sit in the garden and check email, do basic browsing, watch movie clips, listen to music, podcasts, read ebooks, etc.