Intel Releases Material Costs of the Ultrabook Category

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5 Aug, 2011 5:30 pm


Intel has apparently revealed the BOM or bill of materials minus assembly costs for the 21mm ultrabooks which have them ringing in at around US$475-650 and the 18mm models at US$493-710. Sources at Digitimes indicate that Intel is planning on meeting with notebook ODM partners in Taipei next week to discuss the BOM and other details pertaining to ultrabooks with an aim to control the initial selling prices of ultrabooks to below US$1,000. Incidentally, Intel is also meeting with the press on the 11th to discuss Ultrabooks. Makes sense that they would double up on meetings while they have all the regional managers in Taiwan.

Intel will also push next-generation ultrabooks based on its 22nm Ivy Bridge CPUs in 2012 and also tout Haswell-based models in 2013. The Huron River-based ultrabooks launched in 2011 and Chief River-based models launched in 2012 will be available in 11-17 inches, with models in 11-13 inches having a thickness of 18mm and 14-17-inch models at 21mm.

Intel has reportedly rendered five reference designs for 18mm models without an ODD, and models for this category include Asustek Computer’s forthcoming UX21 and UX31 ultrabooks are the only model numbers we’ve heard about to date.

Via Digitimes

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