Spilt Beans at IDF? MeeGo Announced with Netbook UI Details

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14 Apr, 2010 1:30 am

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Intel’s Developer Forum kicked off in Beijing today and among the news we expected to hear was MeeGo. Incase you missed it MeeGo is Intel & Nokia’s Love Child, its Intel’s Moblin with its Linux kernel teamed up with Nokia MeaMo which will bring QT to the table. Intel have confirmed that MeeGo v1.1 should srping into action in late October 2010. I have my fingers crossed very tightly on this deadline as my heart goes out to all of the Moblin developers out there. They almost got Moblin out the door and now they have had to start all over again with MeeGo. If anything of substance is going to happen timing is going to be everything.

Chippy from CarryPad tipped me off that Intel showed a few UI shots the netbook homepage at IDF. I feel that this news gives me the go ahead to talk about a few of my experences playing with the MeeGo UI on a Netbook. I like the new front page, you might not notice how different the front page at first glance. Yes, things are appear boxy and segmented off like on Moblin, but they aren’t set in predetermined groups.   When you check out the settings sections you get to choose on a sliding scale if you want more files that appear on your computer or more social media or online updates.

meego netbook UI

The preloaded browser is Google’s Chrome (with Chromium as backup) this puts MeeGo in a more strategic position with Google’s impending Chrome Netbook O/S release. Fingers Crossed MeeGo will be able to bring the Openness of Linux, the sexiness/developer base of QT and Google’s web driven applications all into one O/S. Chippy from CarryPad pointed out that the Linux Foundation Collaboration Summit starts tomorrow and runs for 3 days and Google, Intel and Nokia will all be there. What they have to say, we’ll have to keep an eye on the live streams to find out!

Lets not forget that MeeGo is aimed at Netbooks, Smartphones, In Vehicle Players, IPTV, tablets,  actually a spectrum of devices. We its pretty much expected that we were going to see plenty of connectivity support including WiMAX, WiFi and 3G. We get the sense from the connectivity page that device integration is something they are focusing heavily on.

MeeGo Netbook features list

meego stores

As for smartphones, Intel says there’ll be the Fennec browser, tight social network integration and cloud data sync. Here is a look at the handheld UI.

Meego handheld ui

Meego handheld ui Meego handheld ui

Thanks to Chippy from CarryPad for all the great information


Here is a Video Walk Through of the MeeGO UI

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