BlackBerry Playbook Gets Updated OS End of September?

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3 Aug, 2011 4:00 pm

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According the a large German publication, the BlackBerry Playbook is going to get a pretty signification update to v1.0.8. The current version v1.0.7 has plagued the BlackBerry with several glitches like wifi bugs and was even pulled for a short period with issues concerning Blackberry Bridge. We can only assume that the next update will resolve the issues in the current version and be the major update that we’ve been waiting for!

The leaked document does not just address the Playbook but gives a round up of when we can expect all updates to all the tablet versions,. thre surprises on the sheet, but the Xoom and Transformer have already started seeing limited updates.

The 4G PlayBook is said to be releasing Fall 2011. It only makes sense that an PlayBook OS update would be pushed out to all of the WiFi-only devices to break the need for the BlackBerry Bridge app. If these rumors hold true, RIM may push the native e-mail, calendar, BBM, and other native apps in PlayBook OS v1.0.8 in a few short weeks.

via N4BB

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