Acer tipped to release Tegra 2 laptop this month, ultrabooks in December (update)

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25 Jul, 2011 9:10 pm


Update - Just a little more in today on those Acer Ultrabook (Intel’s latest buzz word for super thin and light laptops, or MacBook Air competitors): They’ll be priced over $1,000, boot up in six seconds and connect to the Internet in 2.5 seconds. As mentioned last week – they’ll be a series of them due out in the fourth quarter.  Zero word on that Tegra 2 laptop that was supposedly due out this month. via Digitimes

Last month Digitimes reported that top tier manufacturers had, or had plans for ARM laptops. The key here is ARM in laptops as up until now have laptops been based on processors compatible with Intel’s processors (x86 compatible). Asus in particular was reported to be launching a 13.3-inch Tegra 3 laptop running Chrome OS or Android at the end of the year.

Today, it’s Acer’s turn. They are reported to be releasing a Tegra 2 laptop.. this month, and “ultrabooks” in December. If you’re not familiar with the “ultrabook” term, it’s yet another label Intel’s dished out for premium thin-and-light laptops meant to take on the MacBook Air, except that, so far, manufacturers aren’t too thrilled with the high pricing / low margins even with subsidies. More on this here and here.

Source: Digitimes

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