VIA VX900 is going Mainstream! Samsung & Lenovo Netbook for June?

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5 Apr, 2010 4:30 pm

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I don’t know about the rest of you, but I’m used to seeing VIA processors in random rag tag computers coming out of the Chinese market and well lets be honest alot of pretty interesting clones. This morning my eyebrow was certainly raised when I saw Peter over at Netbooked story about the VIA VX900 going into such mainstream manufacturers as Samsung and Lenovo, and by June!

I contacted Stuart Haston to inquire about the rumor he let me know that “VIA is hoping to see design wins in June around Computex”. This certainly falls in with the time frame DNAIndia mentions in their article and others that we have uncovered on the web. Computex is gearing up to be a show of tablets and supposedly alot of new innovation this rumor seems to fall in line with everything else we are hearing about this Taiwanese Trade Show.

VIA VX900 based notebooks will be able to offer 1080p HD playback and the battery life is going to be comparable to the Intel Atom CPU over current AMD based notebooks on the Congo platform. If you want to see the VX900 in action Sascha was actually just down at the VIA headquarters a few weeks ago for the release. Here is the video so you can see it in action.

Via Netbooked

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  • Seancb

    I have a vx900 equipped system and it does not play HD streaming over flash (youtube etc).

    It offloads the flash video onto the CPU.. so far VIA support can not explain why.

    Local HD content looks decent however…