AMD’s Brazos E-450 Processor Reveals a Few More Details

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7 Jul, 2011 11:00 pm


Details on AMD’s upcoming update of the Brazos platform, the E-450 APU have been leaked. At Computex in June we found out that the it will  feature an updated HD 6320 graphics card, a bit higher CPU clock and support for higher clocked memory.

The E-450 features HD 6320 graphics part that has the same 80 stream processors, just like the HD 6310 on the E-350. The E-450 comes with AMD’s Turbo Core but with a slight twist as this time around it actually works on the GPU raising the clock from default 508MHz to 600MHz.

The CPU is pretty much the same as on the E-350 so you are looking at two Bobcat cores that are now clocked at 1.65GHz. It still has 1MB of L2 cache and a same 18W TDP. Another novelty is the support for 1333MHz DDR3 memory that should increase the IGP performance, at least in theory.

The E-450 is still based on FT1 package but unfortunately the release date is still unknown as AMD keeps it under tight wraps.

Via Fudzilla

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