Next-gen AMD Fusion tablet chips ‘Hondo’ and ‘Samara’ leaked

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5 Jul, 2011 11:14 am


The AMD Fusion tablet-oriented “Desna” Z chip recently hit the market with barely a product to its name but AMD is already preparing to talk up the next-gen Fusion chips that will power tablets in 2012 and 2013, according to leaked slides tipped to a Turkish blog.

In 2013, there’s plans for a chip named “Samara” but there’s no details on that other than more tablet optimization and “next gen graphics”.  However, in 2012 next year there are plenty of details on a “Hondo” chip.

While the current “Desna” AMD Z-01 chip along with other low-end Fusion chips are bundled under the “Brazos” umbrella this new “Hondo” chip will fall under a new “Brazos-T” label. Not a totally different name since the chip is still basically a tweaked Ontario C-50 chip with the same 1GHz dual-core Bobcats and 276MHz clocked Radeon HD 6250 graphics but while “Desna” basically just trims down the TDP, “Hondo” adds a couple of much needed features – active standby (always on) and support for fanless designs. Another feature is wireless playback of 720p video.

Of course, you don’t move into a new generation without a drop in power consumption. “Hondo” will have a TDP of under 4.5W (as compared to 5.9W with AMD Z-01). Some of that lowered TDP can be attributed partly to lowered I/O support – dropped PCIe, dropped VGA out, halved UMI interfaces, lowered SATA speed and only a single USB port. If you currently enjoy Android tablets – you won’t miss a beat without any of this stuff in that form factor.

As for timing – samples to manufacturers are expected in December this year, with mass production in Q2 of 2012, with enough time for manufacturers to have AMD “Hondo” tablets in time for Windows 8.

Source: Donanimhaber

Via: Engadget

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