Amazon Tablets Delayed Due to Touchpanel Shortage

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30 Jun, 2011 6:30 pm


Apple may have foiled Amazon’s plans for a fall tablet release by sucking the display ecosystem dry of the 1.5-2mm touch panel’s they are after. Amazon was planning on shipping the “Hollywood” and “Coyote” which are expected to offer ereading and media streaming as well as internet services – expected in September. Their target was four million devices to ship before the year is out however, some suppliers have expressed doubts that they could accommodate the scale of Amazon’s demand.

Apple is already partnered with Wintek who has apparently warned that its production schedule is closing up for the latter half of 2011, and that it “may be difficult” to satisfy potential Amazon sales as well. TPK who also currently supplied the iPad have supposedly been reluctant to commit to Amazon’s supply contracts, again based on capacity.

If Amazon switched to glass they would be able to get their quota’s met, gorrila glass would be an upgrade but might bump the price of the tablet up a little too high.

Display has always been a hot topic, since they are one of the best ways to tell exactly how many units have shipped. They have also been a component often in the news causing product delay’s, remember RIM’s Playbook month long delay also thanks to a touchscreen shortage.

via digitimes

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